Beauty Tips

Beauty is linked to health—a body well cared for, a mind allowed to daydream, and a spirit of curiosity and lightness. I’ve been asked to pass along Beauty Tips that I practice and will be happy to add to the list from time to time. Any comments or questions are welcomed!

Drink an 8-oz glass of water upon arising to clear the kidneys.

Skincare: a whole chapter unto itself! I had breakout skin from the age of 8, so I have worked on my skin always. This list will be long as I think of all that I do.

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face, throat, and decollete twice a day. Use a non-drying cleanser and toner. I use Bamboo Facial Cleanser followed by Lavender Spray for toner. For moisturizer, I use Tamanu Face Serum and follow with Plum Kernel Eye Creme. With the morning routine I use Plum Kernel Day Creme and Raspberry ZincO Sunscreen. At night, my final product is Pomegranate Night Creme.

Deep cleansing masques and exfoliating scrubs are a must for superior skin. Do these at least once a week along with conditioning your hair. If possible, remove your makeup daily with a gentle scrub and use masques twice a week.

Use your weakest finger (next to little finger) to dab on eye cream, starting from the lower outside corner, moving toward the nose, up above the brow. Repeat from the lower corner as before; this time, dab just under the brow. With this technique, you will not pull the eye area skin.

Do abdominal work right before bedtime. This is your choice and can be crunches or yoga postures or whatever you like. Afterwards, I reward myself with massaging my hands, arms, feet, and calves with body butter before bedtime.