Clarity Spa Soap - 4.5-5.5 oz

Chamomile and Clary Sage join hands for a chance to be in your life as a soap bar. Chamomile oil contains chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory substance used in cosmetics and beauty preparations. The aroma of Clary Sage lightens up the atmosphere in a room. The blend has an herbal aroma like Rosemary.
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This synergistic blend of Clary Sage and Chamomile brings inner peace, acceptance, and grounding to your psyche.  The aroma of Clary Sage works well with body work in accessing the "Third Eye" to see more clearly into one's Inner Self. 

Clarity is something many of us strive for in our lives.  Once we have clarity, we feel direction, purpose, and path.  


Store your bar away from the shower spray to preserve it for longer use. 


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